Lend a Helping Hand

Emeline Jacobs Helping Hands’ vision and goal is to create a safe space for children, where they have access to food and a place where they can be assisted with homework and participate in after-school activities with other children within the community.

“The happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more,”

Emeline Jacobs has a lifelong passion of helping those in need, caring for children’s homes, feeding the homeless and donating to churches in need.

We are committed to let every donation and sponsor reach its intended project and/or community.

How to help: You can lend a hand by donating pre-loved clothing, books, and toys, art supplies, disposable nappies, toiletries, loaves of bread, spreads and snacks/fruit for school lunches. Like and share our social media posts, this helps us create awareness and it costs you nothing! We need volunteers to assist with making sandwiches and lunch packs that’s distributed daily.

To donate: https://helping-hands.org.za/donations/

Contact: +27 (0) 21 551 7440 | +27 (0) 72 238 9220 | hello@helping-hands.org.za or visit our Facebook page.