Our annual Clothing Drive

We are doing our annual Pre-loved Clothing Drive! 👗 👚 👗 👔

We collect items every year and this donation goes to a church in one of the disadvantaged areas in Cape Town called DuNoon and distributed to the needy.

Everybody is in the process of Spring cleaning

After sorting through everything, you might have stuff that you don’t need but it’s too good to toss. So, what do you do with it?

You never know how an item that you didn’t care to wear for a year or two can mean so much to the next person.

It’s amazing how these pre-loved items can assist….

  1. A young individual in need of a decent outfit for an interview
  2. Someone needing a Special outfit for church
  3. An extra outfit to a child whose clothes is badly torn
  4. A mom or dad that’s in need of a decent clothing item for work

We still have one week to collect – so don’t hesitate to contact us to advise on the Drop-off address

Cut-off date 15 November 2022. (items can also be pre-loved books/toys or household goods)

To get in touch, please Whatsapp us on +27 (0) 72 238 9220 or email hello@helping-hands.org.za

Just another venture of ours to make a difference in our community!

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