Valentine’s Day is synonymous with gift giving and spending time with loved ones. This month, make yours sweeter and more meaningful by giving back for social good.

The benefits of giving:
Studies have shown that giving to those in need can help improve our wellbeing and strengthen relationships. According to one Harvard Business School study, people who frequently gave back to their communities were found to be more satisfied with their lives and had better physical and mental health. Giving back was also associated with improved happiness, a stronger immune system, and reduced anxiety, stress and depression.

Give back to your community this Valentine’s Month:
Visit a local retirement home
For many senior citizens who’ve lost their spouses, holidays can become an extremely lonely time.

Why not visit a local old-age home and spend the day with the elderly? Offer a listening ear to the residents
or initiate fun activities such as board games. Even reading a book out loud to those with poor vision can go a long way.

Give a gift that means more
Instead of gifting your significant other with mundane physical gifts such as chocolates or flowers, give a meaningful
gift that benefits a good cause. Make a charitable donation in your partner’s name towards their favourite
cause. Are they an animal lover; or passionate about the environment; education, or human rights?

Find organisations that are aligned with their favourite cause and make a donation in their name.

Arrange a “volunteering” date with your partner
Find out if any charities or shelters are hosting Valentine’s Day dinners/celebrations for the needy, and arrange a “volunteering” date for you and your partner. This allows for bonding and spreading love through service.

Give the gift that keeps on giving this Valentine’s Day and spread love for social good.

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